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It’s time to bring transparency to ISPs.

A great internet and TV platform is one of the most valued amenities of any development. For many residents it’s number one—right up there with water and electricity—as life depends more than ever on reliable, high-speed internet.

ISPs reflect that urgency in their fees. And as the only game in town, they’re not motivated to disclose actual costs or to improve their product. Building owners and residents pay the price through higher costs, bad internet, and spotty service.

We know this because we’re property owners, too. We built CBX because of the transparency and quality issues that we experienced firsthand as developers, operators, and owners. Our plan with CBX is to flip the industry on its head, and bring truth back to the adage that technology should always improve in performance and decrease in cost.

Our long-term partnerships start with listening to the needs of owners and designing customized infrastructure for their buildings. We deploy the best monitoring tools and technicians to make sure your technology is always at the top of its game. And our open-book pricing model drives substantial savings, because as owners we know that every opex dollar we save you earns $20-$30 in return.

We’re CBX Connect. The first technology partnership of its kind, built by owners and for owners, to delight residents and drive asset value.

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